Team Scoring


  1. Each participant may be placed on only ONE scoring team at the event. For example, a female participant may NOT score for both a female and a mixed team
  2. Complete teams are composed of:
    -Male team:
    Four full-time male employees
    -Female team:
    Four full-time female employees
    -Mixed team:
    Two full-time male employees and two full-time female employees
  3. An eligible runner is a full-time employee
  4. A full-time employee is someone who works at least 32 hours a week for the participating company.
  5. The Corporate 5K will be scored using an electronic chip scoring system by Chronotrack. A unique timing chip will be affixed to the back of every bib. The bib must be worn on the front of the participant’s shirt or shorts. Do not fold, modify, or deface the bib. Doing so will cause it to fail and your time will not be posted.
  6. Participants must wear their bib and cross the mats at the start and finish lines to be timed. All recorded times will be listed on the Corporate 5K website.
  7. Paper scorecards will be given to all Team Captains when they receive or pick up their team packets.
  8. Paper scorecards must be submitted via the Team Captain at the event and in accordance with the scoring rules. It is up to the Team Captain to determine the composition of the male, female and mixed teams representing his/her company AFTER the race.
  9. All score cards must be submitted by 9PM at the event. A scoring tent will be set up for the company captain to submit their scorecards.
  10. Once company scorecard is submitted, changes to the company teams are final, and changes may not be made.

  11. Team results will be posted Monday after the event by noon.