Tent Rental Info and Pricing

Tents can be purchased when a company captain creates a team. If you already created your team and want to add these items to your registration, please click here to edit your registration.

Last day for upgrades: Friday, April 28th

Rental Information

Renting a Team Tent is the way to go! It can serve as a hub for your  team to meet, enjoy post-race food and drinks and share those awesome moments from the race!

  1. You can reserve a Team Tent during registration or add it later through editing a team members registration, here.
  2. There are a limited number of tent spaces available.
  3. Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.
  4. We do not offer refunds for cancelled tent rentals.
  5. If your team does not meet the minimum 4-member requirement one week prior to the deadline, or when the race reaches 90% capacity, your registration will be transferred to the individual category. You will maintain the tent as previously purchased.
  6. Each Tent Rental includes ONE tent sign, on a white background with your Company name in black block letters.
  7. After ordering a tent, your team can order catering or rent kegs  click here for more info

Click Here for the tent layout and to view the available tent locations!

Please Note

  1. Private tents, tables, chairs, and any other furniture are not allowed.
  2. There will be no: vehicles allowed in the tent area, open flames barbecue/grilling, live or amplified entertainment at your tent.
  3. There will be no promotions, giveaways or sampling of food or beverages allowed of any kind, unless otherwise given written permission by the Event.
  4. Signage is only permitted within your tent area and no banners or signs may be hung, secured or displayed on the outside of your team tent.
  5. No balloons or helium or oxygen (unless medically necessary) tanks are permitted in the park.
  6. No Generators. No Pets. No Picnics.
  7. No unauthorized catering companies permitted on park grounds.
  8. We encourage you to purchase a lantern from the Products menu or bring your own battery-powered lanterns for lighting your own tent area.
  9. These rules will be STRICTLY enforced by Police and Fire Departments.

Tent Reservation Deadlines

Tent spaces are limited and we will close the tent rental section once it’s sold out even if it’s before the deadline. Larger sized tents will sell out first.

Tent Rental Prices


  • 10’x10′ ($375 each) good for teams of 10-12 people – includes:
    • 1 tent sign, 4 chairs, 1 table
  • 10’x20′ ($550 each) good for teams of 15-20 people – includes:
    • 1 tent sign, 8 chairs, 2 tables
  • 20’x20′ ($850 each) good for teams of 40-50 people – includes:
    • 1 tent sign, 16 chairs, 4 tables

Extra Chairs, Tables and Tablecloths:

  • Folding chairs ($5 each)
  • 8′ banquet tables ($15 each)

Chairs and Tables Limitations:

  • 10’x10′ – you can add up to:
    • 4 chairs (for a maximum amount of 8 chairs in tent)
    • 1 table (for a maximum amount of 2 tables in tent)
  • 10’x20′ – you can add up to:
    • 8 chairs (for a maximum amount of 16 chairs in tent)
    • 2 table (for a maximum amount of 4 tables in tent)
  • 20’x20′ – you can add up to:
    • 16 chairs (for a maximum amount of 32 chairs in tent)
    • 4 table (for a maximum amount of 8 tables in tent)

Battery Powered Lanterns:

  • Recommended: one per 10’x10′, 2 for a 10×20, 4 for a 20×20 tent ($50 each)